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Journey Towards TED. Islamabad to LA..

After a lot of preparation to travel, and winding up of work days it started a journey towards attending the TED conference on 28th Jan, 2008.

I started my journey from Islamabad leaving behind my 4 years old daughter who will remain sad through these 25 days while I am away.

Islamabad air port is one of the air ports where internet is free in very well designed public kiosks. Wifi was also available but i did not test it. Just checked emails and connected with a few TED attendees in 2 hours of waiting time in the lounge.

Border between India and Pakistan…

While entering India from Lahore you can see from airoplane lights on the boarder bar between India and Pakistan in the night. Its nothing straight line. So are the relations between the two neighbors. The border line is the right physical representation of the relations between the two countries.

Street Lights…

At around 5:00 in the morning while passing over Thailand, you see a wonderful view down with beautiful roads with all street lights lid up. Something missing in our country where electricity and good public infrastructure is a rarity to be found and this public facility is only available to only the streets going to power houses of the country.


Patrajaya airport is a long and big, but you can see very few people managing all the stuff. Everything is automated. Thai people have learned how the things work with minimum human interaction, and this is the secret of the success. This is why everyone wanting to visit Asia starts from Thailand. This is how they showed minutes by minutes accuracy. Flight departures a few minutes before the scheduled time and arrived a few minutes before. I am surprised because this is first time happening with me on travel.

Arrival in LA..

We landed on LA airport at 7:15 pm local time. This is really a city of lights and wonders. I have heard horrible stories of immigration to USA. But the immigration staff was so friendly and nice that wanted me to not worry at all at any stage.

The nice immigration guy says good bye to me and adds go go go.. enjoy enjoy. go to Los Vegas…

The Start of Change. TED fellowship

TED is all about Technology, Entertainment, Design described by the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives.

For me this is not just attending a conference, visiting a country or meeting people but its a complete change of my life, thoughts and future actions. The story starting now will cover the change in myself.